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Custom Rifles - Rebuilding - Conversions - Muzzle Brakes

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Jan Kolenbrander holding a custom-build action and muzzle

Jan's specialties include building and rebuilding Ultra Lightweight Hunting Rifles, Sheep Rifles, Rimfire Rifle improvements and modifications, designing and machining rebuilds, and conversions (caliber, single shot to repeater, rim to centrefire). He performs Blue-Printing (Trueing) of Actions, Action Slabbing (lightening), Barrel Fluting, Re-barreling, as well as work on Shotguns. Jan further designs and produces his own H.E. Viper and Slim-Line Muzzle Brakes.
Call Jan at +1 (250) 919 8529 or 426 3829 (Mountain Time).


Call Jan Today! +1 (250) 919 8529 or 426 3829 (Mountain Time)